Nature’s Way PMS Review (UPDATED 2023): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Nature’s Way PMS is a daily supplement used to help lessen the effects of PMS. Users take this product each day, and the idea is, that over time, they’ll experience reduced symptoms each month.

Nature’s Way PMS contains a blend of ingredients—multivitamin components, plus wild yam, black cohosh and cramp bark. These ingredients work together to provide hormonal balance, reducing period pain, mood swings and more.

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Nature’s Way PMS Ingredients and Side Effects

Nature’s Way PMS is a PMS-focused product, as the same suggests, but as you’ll see below, it contains many ingredients known for their ability to fight menopause.

Additionally, this supplement contains a number of vitamins and minerals you’d find in your average multivitamin. Here’s a quick look at the active ingredients in the formula, and what users can expect with their purchase:

Black Cohosh  Wild Yam
Dandelion Cramp Bark

Black Cohosh: An herb used for a number of hormone related indications, black cohosh has long been used to improve female fertility, ease period pain and PMS symptoms and more.

It’s most often used as an herbal treatment for menopause symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats.

Wild Yam: A plant that may be turned into progesterone or DHEA, wild yam is often used as a substitute for traditional hormone replacement therapies and is the active ingredient in many of the natural progesterone creams used to help balance out hormones.

Wild yam is thought to reduce hot flashes, improve energy levels, alleviate menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness and increase libido with use.

Dandelion: An edible herb used to make a number of medicines, dandelion is thought to help improve appetite, treat gas, upset stomach, joint pain and skin conditions. It may also be used to reduce inflammation and treat viral infections.

Cramp Bark: Cramp bark is a plant used to reduce cramps, swelling and muscle spasms with use. It may also help with high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat.

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Nature’s Way PMS Quality of Ingredients

Nature’s Way PMS is loaded with a number of key ingredients—black cohosh and wild yam, for example, known for their effects on the female reproductive system, particularly during menopause.

While this product certainly isn’t designed for menopausal women, it does seem like it has the potential to balance out estrogen and progesterone levels—plus there’s often an overlap in terms of indications for herbal remedies designed to soothe female reproductive woes.

We do have a couple of concerns, however. For one, our thinking is, there aren’t many women who have gone out and bought this PMS supplement in the hopes that it will alleviate some of the major menopause symptoms. For this reason, there just aren’t many reviews available giving any insight into whether or not this works as a menopause supplement.

Second of all, this product contains an awful lot of multivitamin ingredients, meaning, there may not be room enough in each of these tablets to give menopausal women the potency needed to fight more severe hot flashes or other symptoms.

In the end, this may well work, but we simply haven’t collected enough information to know whether or not this is the best solution for menopause symptoms. It’s likely better to use something clearly designed for menopause symptoms.

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The Price and Quality of Nature’s Way PMS

Nature’s Way PMS is available through a number of shopping platforms from iHerb to Amazon, CVS, Target and many more. The product comes in a 100-count bottle, and the recommended dose is three capsules per day—meaning users will get a little more than a month out of one bottle.

The dosing seems a bit confusing, as this is a PMS-oriented product, but users are expected to take this each day for best results.

The price tends to hover around $10 per each one-month supply, so it’s relatively affordable, especially when compared to other supplements designed to help regulate hormones.

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Business of Nature’s Way PMS

Nature’s Way PMS is made by the vitamins and supplements giant, Nature’s Way. Their contact information can be found below.

Phone: 800-9NATURE

Address: Customer Service Department
825 Challenger Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311

Nature’s Way PMS is made by the widely distributed vitamin company, Nature’s Way. This company is rather well-known and has a reputation for being both affordable and of a high quality.

The site features a range of products; supplements for bone health, body building, sleep, diet and more. The about us section is fairly extensive, giving users a chance to learn more about what they do, and their guiding principles.

The site doesn’t spend too much time going over the ingredients and what each item included in the formula brings to the table, but they do provide some basic info and a product label.

Customer Opinions of Nature’s Way PMS

While there were certainly a decent number of reviews documenting what happened when people used this product, we were unable to find out first hand, whether this product was effective for menopausal users.

Though the reviews may not be all that useful for our menopausal readers, here is a quick look at some of the feedback:

“My therapist suggested I take this supplement, as she thought many of the herbs might help even out my moods. I’m so glad I tried this. I feel like it’s helped me avoid having to take antidepressants.

“I have PMDD, and it’s nasty. It seems like I have bi-polar disorder each time my period rolls around. That, plus cramps, bloating and more. These pills have been a huge help. I’m much more in control these days.”

“I started taking this daily to to combat breast tenderness and my increasingly moody PMS each month. It’s pretty great. The three pills a day have helped tremendously. I’m far less irritable.”

“I swear by this stuff. It really helps make PMS less of a terrible emotional roller coaster ride. Been using it for years now with no plans of stopping. Pretty fantastic, if you ask me.”

It’s tough to make a determination on the quality of the product, as far as menopausal users are concerned. The product is called, Nature’s Way PMS, which likely means menopausal women won’t give this a second look, despite the ingredient profile.

With that in mind, it looks like there were few reported side effects or any other issues with this product. For the most part, users mentioned that this did help reduce major PMS issues. In many cases, users reported some serious mood swings or things like PMDD, that they were better equipped to deal with because of this supplement.

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Conclusion – Does Nature’s Way PMS Work?

Nature’s Way PMS seems like it’s a high-quality product that people seem to like. The problem is, it simply isn’t designed for menopausal women, and as a result few have tried the product, or at least, have tried the product and wrote about their experience.

Based on the ingredient profile—items like black cohosh and wild yam, in particular, it seems that this product has potential to alleviate symptoms in menopausal, or perimenopausal women.

Unfortunately, the formula does seem rather crowded. It contains a long list of vitamins and minerals, and as a result, requires users to take three pills each day for optimal results.

Nature’s Way PMS is never advertised as a menopause supplement, and it seems a bit unfair to judge it based on its use for this stage in reproduction. Overall, it seems like it may be a good product with the potential to even out hormones, no matter what the issue.

But, that being said, we’d recommend menopausal women use a supplement, cream or hormone replacement regimen tailored to their unique needs, not something that might have some overlap.

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