Optivite PMT Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Optivite PMT is a multivitamin supplement used to reduce the symptoms of PMS over time. This product works to eliminate issues like muscle pain, headaches, stomach problems and more by providing nutritional support with use.

Optivite PMT is made from essential vitamins like A, B6, B12, and E, along with other nutrients like choline, manganese and chromium. This product also contains iron, which replenishes the body’s natural supply lost through menstruation.

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Optivite PMT Ingredients and Side Effects

Optivite PMT is essentially just a multivitamin, containing the standard selection of vitamins, minerals and more the body needs for optimal function.

There’s no definitive active ingredient in this blend, so we’ve opted to leave the analysis off this time. This product contains B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D and E, along with folic acid, zinc, calcium and more.

Additionally, this product features a dose of iron to replace blood lost during menstruation.

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Optivite PMT Quality of Ingredients

For our purposes, Optivite PMT is not the ideal product. It’s aimed at women who are still menstruating and menopausal women won’t get the same benefits.

At the same time, this product is simply a multivitamin, it doesn’t contain anything known to have a significant impact on hormone levels, or how hormones function when present inside the body. It does, however, provide some key nutrients that women of all ages and stages of reproduction can benefit from.

Many PMS symptoms, like bloating and emotional irregularities may also occur during menopause, and it’s not clear whether this supplement would have a positive impact on some of the overlapping symptoms.

That being said, instead of trying to make a supplement like Optivite PMT work for your menopause needs, it’s likely better to find something that better addresses concerns like loss of hormones, hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.

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The Price and Quality of Optivite PMT

Optivite PMT is sold by the official maker of this product, Optimox, and while the suggested retail on this item is $27.68, it is currently marked down to $20.76. Each bottle contains 180 capsules, which only amounts to a one-month supply.

Users who wish to stock and save can purchase six bottles at a time, which brings the total to $118.32, or just over $19 per bottle.

Optivite PMT can be found through a number of other channels. Pure Formulas, iHerb, Amazon and Jet all sell this item through their e-commerce platforms. The lowest price we found came from an online seller by the name of The Online Drugstore—offering this product for $15.44.

Again, this product is simply a multivitamin. There are plenty of other multivitamins offered within this price range, and most don’t expect users to take a dose of six pills per day. We get that the makers of this product are trying to provide optimal nutrition, but the dosing seems a bit excessive and some consumers may not appreciate that.

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Business of Optivite PMT

Optivite PMT is made by a nutritional supplements company that goes by the name of Optimox. For your reference, here is their contact information below:

Phone: 800-223-1601

Address: 205 Avenue I

Ste 28
Redondo Beach CA 90277-5619 USA

At first glance, the Optmox website looks quite outdated and has a rather clinical feel. There is no graphic design to speak of, and this company has only listed a brief description for each item, along with some clinical data on how those products aim to help consumers.

Now, compared to other supplements that only list out the emotional benefits of taking a supplement, the makers of Optivite PMT have done the exact opposite. This site is white, features some basic clinical information and an order form. They’ve made a point of including studies on women with PMS symptoms, documenting how those symptoms have improved over time.

There’s no information about who this company is, there’s no background story—it’s all just very bare bones. Even the packaging looks as though it hasn’t been redesigned since the 1960s.

While we recognize that looks aren’t the most important thing when it comes to building customer trust, there’s something a bit off about how this company presents themselves.

It could be the makers of Optivite PMT have been doing business a certain way for a long time, but they’re doing little to build a rapport with their consumers—whether that’s through engaging web copy, social media, blogging or whatever.

There’s just nothing here that makes this brand seem any better than a similar women’s support vitamin with modern branding and a bigger online presence.

That being said, just because the website and the packaging leaves a lot to be desired doesn’t mean this isn’t a good product. Our biggest concern with this item is that it’s not really designed for our target audience—menopausal women.

Customer Opinions of Optivite PMT

Optivite PMT has received primarily good reviews, though there were some comments that suggested there’s some room for improvement. Here is a look at some of the feedback offered by past consumers:

“Wish this product contained folate rather than folic acid. I’m trying to get pregnant and this slight difference is actually something pretty important. I’ll surely be looking for something else shortly.”

“I really like this vitamin. I’m not sure how it does it, but it really helps my mood. I struggle with PMDD and I can’t believe how effective this has been. I recommend this for anyone with major period issues.”

“I don’t know about these. On the one hand, there are a lot of great nutrients. But they also contain a lot of sugar, which is a major drawback. Will probably look for something a bit more “natural.””

“Started taking these a few months ago due to my serious PMS issues. They have helped my moods quite a bit and my period pain has been greatly reduced. The only issue is you have to take so many pills.”

While it’s clear that Optivite PMT has several reviews that mention how effective this product is, there were many people who were not especially excited about how many pills a typical dose required.

We’re also not sure if this product would have any effect on a menopausal user with symptoms affecting the mood. Most women who used this product for PMS mentioned a positive impact on their mood, it’s just hard to say if those benefits are strictly limited to those who still menstruate.

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Conclusion – Does Optivite PMT Work?

Optivite PMT is not intended for our readership of menopausal women looking for a viable solution to managing their symptoms. For that reason, we do not recommend this supplement to women who are no longer menstruating.

That being said, this product is merely a multivitamin, so women of all ages may get some kind of benefit, particularly if something in their diet is lacking.

This product purports to reduce the severity of PMS symptoms in menstruating women. Outside of this indication, it’s unclear if users can expect any benefits.

PMS is deeply connected to hormone balance, and there’s a chance this could help menopausal women even out their moods—but we didn’t come across anyone who had tried this, and it’s a better idea to use a supplement that tackles menopause, rather than hoping for some crossover effect.

Optivite PMT doesn’t actually contain any ingredients known for their ability to affect hormone levels. There are no estrogens present, nor progesterone, nor any herbs known for their ability to reduce menopausal symptoms, or even any problems that emerge during menstruation.

In the end, this product could be a good solution for women dealing with PMS, but beyond that, it likely won’t do much. Our suggestion is, finding a product that directly addresses hormonal imbalance—which can help treat the full spectrum of menopause symptoms. There’s no reason you can’t also take a multivitamin, as well.

We’ve found through looking at all sorts of creams and pills claiming to support women’s health concerns, that Femmetrinol is the best choice for helping women combat the primary symptoms associated with menopause. Women can expect fast-acting hormone balancing effects from herbs like black cohosh and wild yam—without the risk of an adverse reaction.

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Jardin Guingao says:

Hi, I would like to know if Optivite has any estrogenic effect? I’ve been taken this for 8 years and last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer ER+ and PR+, and my holistic
oncologist has me stop taking optivite cause the ingredients folic acid produces estrogen and its not good for me. Is that true?

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