Rainbow Light PMS Relief Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Rainbow Light PMS Relief is an herbal supplement designed to reduce the symptoms of PMS with use. This product claims to help with mood swings, breast pain, cravings and fatigue.

Rainbow Light PMS Relief is made with a blend of soothing ingredients like lavender and the hormone balancing berry, vitex. This product also aims to tackle cycle regulation with use.

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Rainbow Light PMS Relief Ingredients and Side Effects

Rainbow Light PMS Relief is a plant-based supplement made from soothing herbs and amino acids. Here’s a look at what users can expect in terms of PMS relief, as well as some added benefits:

Vitex Lavender California Poppy Meadowsweet
L-Phenylaline L-Theanine Cordyalis Yanhuso Ginger

California Poppy: Considered the state flower of California, this plant is used for medicinal purposes such as insomnia, bladder problems and liver diseases. California poppy may help with mood disorders like depression, and may have a soothing, sedative effect on users.

Ginger: A rhizome used in cooking applications, as well as medicinally, ginger’s healing abilities are best defined by their potential to soothe nausea and motion sickness, as well as its use as a digestive aid.

Ginger might also help with immune support and inflammation.

Vitex: A small berry the size of a peppercorn, vitex is known for its effect on all manner of ailments associated with the female reproductive system.

This ingredient is thought to stimulate the pituitary gland, which is responsible for progesterone production — thereby alleviating menopause symptoms, PMS, period pain and more with use.

L-Theanine: An amino acid found in tea, L-theanine is uised to provide a sense of calm alertness in users. It is thought to improve the condition of those suffering from high blood pressure or anxiety and may even have an effect on Alzheimer’s patients.

L-Phenylalanine: An amino acid often used to treat conditions like depression, ADHD, alcoholism and more, L-phenylalanine is found naturally in eggs, dairy and meat, but also may be taken as a supplement.

Lavender: Used for insomnia, nervousness and anxiety, lavender has a calming effect on users and is often used in sleep aids.

Meadowsweet: This herb provides an aroma similar to wintergreen and contains salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory agent and pain reliever. Meadowsweet is also used to support healthy digestion and may be used a diuretic or homeopathic remedy for colds, flu and rheumatism.

  • Side effects may include gastrointestinal bleeding.

Corydalis Yanhuso: Used for mild depression, nerve damage and high blood pressure, this root ingredient is a mild sedative that may function as a tranquilizer or as a hallucinogen.

  • Side effects may include muscle tremors or spasms.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

Rainbow Light PMS Relief Quality of Ingredients

Rainbow Light PMS Relief differs from many other supplements that target hormones. It’s made with a number of herbs that have the ability to provide a calming, or even sedative effect with use — which seems like it may slow some consumers down.

Vitex is the only ingredient present in the Rainbow Light PMS Relief formula that is known for its effect on hormonal balance — a key element in helping women deal with PMS, as well as more severe menstrual issues like PCOS or PMDD.

Rainbow Light PMS Relief is not a menopause product, and while those same hormones dictate menstruation, in general, and menopause, this product likely will not provide the full support that the menopausal woman needs in an herbal supplement.

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The Price and Quality of Rainbow Light PMS Relief

Rainbow Light PMS Relief may no longer be available — at least through the manufacturer’s official website. While there are plenty of places to buy this item online, it’s worth mentioning that we’re not sure that this product has been discontinued or how long it hasn’t been available straight from the source.

Rainbow Light PMS Relief can be found on Amazon from a collection of third-party sellers. The price tends to stay around $16-20 per bottle containing 30 capsules.

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Business of Rainbow Light Menopause Relief

Rainbow Light Menopause Relief is made by a company known as Rainbow Light — a supplements maker known for their vegetarian-friendly, vitamins and herbal remedies. Here’s a little background:

Phone: 800-635-1233

Email: [email protected]

Rainbow Light PMS Relief appears to no longer be sold by Rainbow Light, at least at this point in time. During our search for this supplement, and the company that makes it, we ran into an ad citing new Rainbow Light supplements—suggesting that the company may be in the midst of a revamp.

The Rainbow Light website, is overall nice looking. It’s easy to navigate and there’s not an onslaught of information on the home page. Should you decide to flip through the rest of the site, you’ll learn that Rainbow Light uses spirulina algae as the food base in all its supplements — adding another layer of nutritional benefits to their range of supplements.

Additionally, the site features a number of friendly-sounding articles centered around aging, nutrition and more. They’ve also dedicated a page to talking about corporate social responsibility, particularly their involvement with the charity, Vitamin Angels.

Overall, this company seems like is both reputable and has a conscience. We just wish we had confirmation as to whether or not this particular product has been discontinued — which may help give us some insight as to whether or not consumers risk purchasing an expired product from third-party sellers.

Customer Opinions of Rainbow Light PMS Relief

Rainbow Light PMS Relief still has reviews posted online, despite potentially being discontinued. Most consumers claimed that this product at least helped regulate mood swings, but some felt that it wasn’t effective enough to provide relief from the full range of PMS symptoms. Here are some of the comments:

“Was really hoping this would work. My birth control ceased to help to eliminate mood swings and heavy bleeding. This didn’t do anything, which is terrible; my period wreaks havoc on my life for 10 days at a time.”

“My period has always been an uncomfortable affair, but when I hit my mid-thirties, it got worse. This product has helped me combat migraine headaches, extreme mood swings and other symptoms.”

“Been having several period problems as I’m entering perimenopause. This product helps with my bloating and mood swings, but it isn’t a magic pill. I’m still getting back aches and cramps. Plus, pills are huge.”

“I can’t enough positive things about this product. I don’t feel as down before my cycle, breakouts are greatly reduced and my period basically sneaks in and out after a couple days. So much more comfortable.”

Rainbow Light PMS Relief has a relatively positive backlog of reviews. People seemed to like that this product helped them feel calmer, while experiencing less pain during their monthly cycle.

Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, this product had no reviews from anyone who is currently going through menopause, so we don’t know what the results would look like if it was used for these purposes.

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Conclusion – Does Rainbow Light PMS Relief Work?

Rainbow Light PMS Relief has a number of positive reviews. People seem to like this product, generally speaking, and at the very least, it seems to have helped many women deal with extreme mood swings that come along with their periods each month.

Aside from what appears to be pretty consistent efficacy, at least for certain symptoms, this product is not a menopause product and it may soon be hard to track down.

Rainbow Light PMS Relief does contain some ingredients that may be used for menopause, fertility or other hormone-related concerns women might experience at some point during the reproductive cycle.

Though there’s the chance this product could have an effect on menopause symptoms, users at this stage may be better off looking for a supplement aimed at targeting their unique needs, rather than trying to adopt a product meant for women who still menstruate.

Femmetrinol is our top choice for menopause products — and we’ve looked at a lot of different options. A unique blend of herbs gently eliminates symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes and low libido — without the risk of any adverse reactions.

Femmetrinol is made with potency and consumer safety at the forefront of its production process. From sourcing to shipment — this product is manufactured with close attention to detail. Why should you try Femmetrinol? Click here to learn more.

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