Vitacost Coconut Oil Review (UPDATED 2022): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Vitacost Coconut Oil is an encapsulated coconut oil supplement. People take coconut oil to reduce bacteria or fungus in the body, as well as aid in digestion.

Vitacost Coconut Oil, according to the Vitacost website, provides users with a convenient delivery system for coconut oil health benefits. Vitacost Coconut Oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, amino acids and fiber—delivering 4000 mg in each 4-pill dose.

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Vitacost Coconut Oil Ingredients and Side Effects

Vitacost Coconut Oil is made exclusively from organic coconut oil. Here’s a look at this ingredient, and why someone might want to take coconut oil as a supplement:

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil: A culinary staple in many cultures throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific, coconut oil is used topically to soothe skin and smooth hair, and can be taken orally to take advantage of several key benefits.

Most people take coconut oil supplements use this ingredient to aid in weight loss and digestion, provide energy and mental clarity, and improve memory.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a saturated fat that may have an effect on estrogen levels in the body, making it a good fat to consumer during menopause.

Others believe that coconut oil may have an effect on candida and fight yeast infections.

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Vitacost Coconut Oil Quality of Ingredients

Vitacost Coconut Oil seems to be a high quality supplement, and the formula is organic—so this product is already a step above other coconut oil supplements we’ve encountered in our research.

While this supplement is seemingly good quality, we’re not entirely sure of the benefits of taking coconut oil supplements. Users looking for a digestive aid are likely better off using a digestive enzyme, a probiotic or a cleansing herbal cleanse.

While we’ve seen some mentions that the supplement can help with hormone balance, as well as prevent infections like UTIs or yeast infections, there’s not much evidence baking these claims.

Additionally, there’s not enough data proving its other purported health benefits, 84% of the calories in coconut oil come from fat. And while many studies point to the fact that these are “good fats” there’s still not a ton of information on its long term effect on heart health, cholesterol levels and weight.

Vitacost Coconut Oil is likely not the best product for our target demographic. There’s hardly any credible information available on how this product can be used to promote vaginal health. Users are better off looking for something that works to balance hormone levels, and for further support, a probiotic with the right strains of bacteria.

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The Price and Quality of Vitacost Coconut Oil

Vitacost Coconut Oil is sold through the Vitacost website for $9.29 for a bottle containing 120 soft gels. Because the recommended daily dose is 4 capsules, this bottle only contains a one-month supply, if used as directed.

This product, in its encapsulated form is exclusively available through Vitacost—at least from what we’ve found.

Vitacost Coconut Oil is also sold in the traditional jar, and this product is sold through other channels like Amazon. A 16-ounce jar appears to cost between $8-15, depending on who is selling the product.

The price seems in line with what we’ve seen other coconut oil products go for—plus it’s organic and cold-pressed, so users may see more value in this product versus those of their competitors.

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Business of Vitacost Coconut Oil

Vitacost Coconut Oil is made by the vitamins and supplements retailer, Vitacost. For your reference, their contact information can be found below:

Phone: 800-888-6041

Vitacost is a huge company that makes their own brand of products and sells supplements from other manufacturers. Shoppers can find everything from multivitamins to skin care and Ayurvedic herbs.

The Vitacost website is exactly what you’d expect to find from such a large company. There’s a number of articles about supplements, as well as more lifestyle-oriented topics like home and family, nutrition, beauty and sports and fitness.

Vitacost Coconut Oil has a dedicated product page that lays out all the purported uses for this product. It goes down the list of benefits, provides dosing details and more.

While we’re looking at this product through the lens of it being a menopause product, or one that at least supports vaginal health, Vitacost never makes those claims.

Customer Opinions of Vitacost Coconut Oil

Vitacost Coconut Oil only features reviews on the Vitacost website, so it’s unclear whether or not the company removed negative reviews in order to protect their reputation. Either way, this product did have mixed reviews, ranging from those who weren’t sure what this product was supposed to accomplish to those who thought it was great. Here’s a quick look:

“These are very easy to swallow and carry around, but they could be slightly improved. The soft gel does not dissolve quickly, and while this may be TMI, I’ve noticed they pass through my system fully intact.”

“I don’t know if these coconut pills do anything. I’ve been using them for a few weeks and haven’t noticed any benefits. I’ll finish the bottle and see if anything changes. I am pretty skeptical of the coconut hype.”

“I love this product. It’s a high quality coconut oil, and the capsules make it easy to get the healthy oils you need to stay healthy. Definitely worth a try, plus its easier than messing with the oil on its own.”

“It’s not messy at all—which may be the best part. I have seen some improvements in bowel and digestive issues, as well as increased energy. Could be a placebo effect, but I’m not sure that I care.”

Vitacost Coconut Oil did have a lot of positive reviews, but it’s worth noting that even some of the five-star reviewers weren’t sure if this product was working.

It seems like these days, many people believe they should be taking coconut oil for health benefits, rather than considering it a healthier alternative to some of the other oils you’ll find in the kitchen.

Only a few reviews detailed why this product was effective for them, and it mostly had to do with the digestive benefits.

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Conclusion – Does Vitacost Coconut Oil Work?

Vitacost Coconut Oil definitely has a strong customer following, but the people taking coconut oil supplements tend to use this product for all manner of ailments from arthritis to weight management, and it’s hard to know what value people really get from taking oil as a supplement.

It’s true that medium chain fatty acids have a strong reputation as a brain-boosting food, and the additional calories in coconut oil can help you stay full and satisfied for the long haul, but coconut oil as a vaginal support product? We’re not sold.

What’s worth pointing out with Vitacost Coconut Oil is, this is an organic product. It’s been cold pressed, and Vitacost has some high standards for ensuring that consumers receive a high quality product when they purchase from their online store.

This product could be a good choice if you’re looking for a quality coconut oil. It comes in pills or in the jar, and may well be useful for cooking, healing dry skin and so on.

The point is, we’re not entirely sure that coconut oil has any hormone balancing benefits. It has yet to be proven, and there are many other ingredients known to have a meaningful effect on hormones. Menopausal users should consider taking an herbal supplement that addresses these issues instead of hoping for some miracle oil to do the trick.

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