Exercise Improves Balance in Elderly

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Maybe grandma wouldn’t have to utter these words if she made sure she got a little exercise. According to new research, exercise may help the elderly stay steady on their feet, which could save them from falls that result in injury. This is especially important for those really advanced in age, because how often have you heard of an older person breaking a hip and passing away because of complications in surgery?

In an analysis of 34 clinical trials, researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland found that supervised exercise regimens generally helped improve balance and coordination. Various forms of exercise seemed effective, but strength training and the exercises targeting balance, coordination and walking ability showed the strongest effects.

The participants in the studies were over 75 years on average.

Janet Jackson – Weight loss book?

What was once the Rhythm Nation could soon be the Weight Loss Nation. Janet Jackson, one of music’s biggest influencers, has announced she’s putting ink to paper to share her personal struggle with weight gain and loss. The book is currently in progress and has not yet been given a title, but Miss Jackson says she’s “really coming from the soul with it.”

She expresses that the journey can be different for everyone, and she’s merely sharing her own. During the past year the singer/actress lost an impressive 60 pounds, she says by eating less and exercising more.

Like many other celebrities who’ve publically struggled with their weight, including Oprah and Mariah Carey, Janet plans to share her experiences with her adoring public.

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Housework May Not Give You a Clean Bill of Health

Are you looking for an excuse to not do your housework? Well, a new study says that it may be hazardous to your health.

According to the study, cleaning as little as once a week with common cleaning sprays and air fresheners could raise the risk of asthma in adults. Other studies have linked these products with increased asthma rates among cleaning professionals, but now it’s implied that it can put others at risk.

Weekly exposure to such cleaning materials could account for as many as one in seven adult asthma cases, the researchers wrote in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

“Frequent use of household cleaning sprays may be an important risk factor for adult asthma,” says Jan-Paul Zock, an epidemiologist at the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona, who led the study.

The most unfortunate part of the study was a lack of an alternative. Here’s the depressing catch-22: You keep a clean house, you may become asthmatic. You don’t clean enough, then the dust will get you.

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Running Shoes: Less is More

If you’re shopping for new running shoes, more expensive doesn’t always equal more value. That’s good news for you and your checkbook, but don’t think you can go get a knockoff brand for $25 either. A team of Scottish scientists found no difference between $150 shoes and the relatively cheaper $80 versions. Not cheap, but comforting news nonetheless.

Lead researcher Rami Abboud, director of the Institute of Motion Analysis and Research at the University of Dundee, has some simple advice for you: Make sure the shoes fit!

“My advice to runners is to make sure that, first, the footwear fits your feet, and that if you are paying more, that doesn’t mean that you’re getting something better,” says Abboud.

Biggest Loser Club: The Weight-Loss Program for the Reluctant Dieter

Weight Loss ShowThe Biggest Loser Club, the companion weight-loss program to smash-hit show The Biggest Loser, is perfect for people who want to lose weight but just can’t seem to muster up the motivation. The site provides users with support from professionals and fellow members and it also provides tools that help keep you excited about losing weight. Because you can do it by yourself—sometimes you just need some help. Need help staying on track? You can connect with The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper and cast members through the site’s message boards. You can discuss tips and your progress with fellow Biggest Loser Club members. Join an online weight loss challenge team or do a buddy challenge and compete to reach your goals, just like on The Biggest Loser. Read testimonials. Check out other member’s personal home pages and profiles—and make your own, too. All of these helpful tools will help keep your new food and fitness regimen fresh, fun, and easy to follow.

Everything you need to reach your weight-loss goals is right at your fingertips on the Biggest Loser Club site. From recipes to fitness plans to support, the Biggest Loser Club has it all ready, just for you. Each member gets a personalized diet and exercise program, with new recipes, shopping lists, and exercise regimens every day—just another way the Biggest Loser Club helps to motivate you.

On top of all that, with the start of the fourth season of The Biggest Loser, the Biggest Loser Club has launched fantastic new social networking capabilities, more meal planning features, more workouts, more fitness tools, and hundreds of new recipes.

So if want to lose weight and motivation’s what you’re lacking, the Biggest Loser Club has all the tools ad support you’ll need to boost that motivation and achieve your weight-loss goals.

You can check it out yourself by logging on to Biggest Loser Club website and getting a free profile and weight loss plan.

Information on the Best Life Diet Program

The Best Life Diet is the only diet system endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, and the only program that helped her get her excess weight off and keep it off. It was developed by Bob Greene as a way to free people from the vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain. Bob wants people who struggle with their weight to figure out exactly what they want out of their lives and confront the real reasons that they can’t shed those extra pounds. It isn’t so much a diet as it is a lifestyle change and lifelong commitment to your health.

The Best Life Diet is a full lifestyle program that you can access through his book and online. It is supported by an online community of people with common goals and struggles. The foundations of this program are the two only proven methods of weight loss—a sensible diet and a consistent exercise program. Online, participants can access meal plans, work-outs, video and article archives, and message boards fll of support.

There are three phases to the diet portion of The Best Life. You slowly phase in healthy food choices like vegetables and fruits and phase out poor choices like fried foods, pasta, and sugary drinks. The phases let you make small steps towards success, but they aren’t so strict that they set you up for failure. Each phase builds on the previous phase so that by phase three, you have made the full conversion to healthy eating but are still allowed small amounts of your favorite treats. Online, participants can make use of Bob’s meal plans. With different options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks posted everyday, there is plenty of variety to keep this diet from getting boring.

In addition to eating well, The Best Life program requires participants to commit to consistent workouts including cardio and strength training. Varying workouts helps keep exercise fresh and fun. Bob has also developed different phases of workouts to correspond to the different diet phases. Using the phases, even the most out of shape can get started exercising and build towards a more active lifestyle. And once you’ve reached a more active level, you can afford to eat a little more of the not-so-good-for-you things you love.

The Best Life Program is a true lifestyle change that is a safe, effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Unlike fad diets or quick-fixes it doesn’t promise miracles unless you put in the work, but if you do, the results will amaze you!

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A Club worth Joining? Celebrity Fit Club

Celebrity Fit Club is the weight-loss program that is changing the lives and figures of stars on VH-1, and can change your life too. On the hit VH-1 show, stars are put through the paces by Sgt. Harvey E. Walden, IV while following the Fat Smash Diet developed by Dr. Ian Smith and delving into their emotional issues regarding their weight with the help of psychotherapist Stacey Kaiser. This three-pronged approach to weight loss helps celebrities shed pounds at a healthy rate and keep them off.

Now regular folks can achieve the same success as the celebs with a line of products by the experts from Celebrity Fit Club. A website offers you a diet profile and a workout plan designed just for you based on the profile. It also offers access to a community of fellow dieters to help support and encourage you. You can also access insider tips, advice, and help from the same experts the celebs use!

Dr. Ian Smith has two books out: The Fat Smash Diet and Extreme Fat Smash Diet. The meal plans and diet restrictions featured on the Celebrity Fit Club website are based on these books, but the best results can be achieved using the books and website together. The Fat Smash Diet teaches you about portion sizing that helps curb hunger and how to prepare healthy, delicious, filling meals.

The Celebrity Fit Club weight loss program is gimmick free. It endorses the only proven methods of weight loss—diet and exercise—in conjunction with confronting psychological issues that cause overeating. Of course, you should always consult a doctor before deciding on the best weight loss plan for you, but if you’ve seen the show then you know what amazing results can be achieved using this plan!

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Burn the Fat, See Results

Burning fat is a key component to weight loss. Many over the counter fat burners, contain too much stimulants and caffeine, causing you to have undesirable side effects and end up crashing after an energy rush. Thermocerin combines fat burning caffeine with natural substances that work synergistically together to provide successful weight loss results.

White and Green tea provide antioxidants as well as increase your metabolic rate. Capsaicin, derived from hot peppers, has a similar effect on metabolism. Yohimbe is a tree that grows in Africa, which is known decrease anxiety, elevate mood, build muscle, improve sexual function, as well as increase metabolism. Caffeine is extremely common and helps boost energy levels and alertness. The combination of these substances and herbs make Thermocerin. They work together to provide metabolic increases and healthy weight loss.

Thermocerin has been clinically tested and dieters have provided numerous real life testimonials to the effectiveness of the product. At times, diet and exercise alone do not provide the results we wish. Adding Thermocerin to a work out plan can give you the energy and metabolism boost you need.

It is recommended to take Thermocerin at every meal with 8 oz of water. Results are typically seen at a 10-day period. Many of us drink coffee and soda containing caffeine. Thermocerin provides the caffeine boost we need as well as natural substances to boost metabolism.

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The War on Childhood Obesity – Shaq’s Family Challenge

Shaq’s Big Family Challenge is a weight loss program designed specifically to fight childhood obesity. This program is the perfect plan to help entire families work together to make healthier choices, lose weight, and have fun while doing it! As you have seen on the TV Show Shaq’s Big Challenge, Shaq took six obese kids and helped them turn their lives around. Now, using Shaq’s online diet plan, you can put his secrets to work for your family.

Shaq’s Big Family Challenge combines fun workouts, sensible diets, and delicious alternatives to junk food to help families learn to live healthier lives. On the website, Shaq’s daily drill provide exercises plus the science behind them so kids know why they are working out. You can also access the guidelines for the President’s Physical Fitness Test, so you can see where you stack up compared to families across the country.

Shaq also provides healthy eating guidelines for every situation in Shaq’s Snack Attack. From picking healthy options in the school cafeteria, to navigating vending machines full of sugar, to ordering more sensible meals from fast food restraints, Shaq has guidelines for it all. This weight-loss program is different in that it doesn’t pretend that you have time to cook healthy meals from scratch every day. Families today are busy with everyone on different schedules and with different tastes. Sometimes eating fast food is unavoidable, getting kids off the couch and into the gym can be almost impossible, and having kids buy lunch as school is a real time-saver. This diet takes all of that into consideration. Shaq’s Big Family Challenge offers real families real solutions for achieving healthier lifestyles while still having fun.

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