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What is it?

Amberen is a dietary supplement that treats symptoms of menopause. Amberen addresses a range of symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and more.

Amberen is an over-the-counter solution that claims to naturally restore hormone balances without any side effects.

Amberen is also designed for all stages of menopause—from perimenopause to post-menopause.

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Amberen Ingredients and Side Effects

Amberen is made from a blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals targeted hormone balance. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find inside this product, as well as any potential side effects:

Ammonium Succinate Calcium Disuccinate Vitamin E Monsodium L-Glutamate
Glucine Mangesium Zinc  

Ammonium Succinate: A substance thought to help alleviate hot flashes related to menopause, as well as joint pain and irritability. Not much is known about the efficacy or safety of this ingredient.

Calcium Disuccinate: A specific form of calcium absorbed by the digestive system, calcium disuccinate is used to improve bone and heart health, regulate nerve impulses and blood pressure, and is a vital component of bone and tissue formation.

Vitamin E: A fat soluble vitamin, vitamin E is used to help prevent a number of conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease and certain cancers. It may also be used to treat hot flashes and fatigue.

Monosodium L-Glutamate (MSG): Better known as MSG, this amino acid functions as a neurotransmitter and, according to the Amberen website, is used to stabilize energy levels.

• Side effects may include headaches, flushing, allergic reaction, sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea, numbness or tingling, weakness, chest pain and allergic reaction.

Glycine: An amino acid that aids in immune function, brain health, muscle building and nervous system support. Glycine is thought to help reduce joint pain, as well as anxiety and stress. It also can help boost energy, which may help with menopause-related fatigue.

Zinc: An essential trace mineral, zinc is used to boost immune system health, as well as regulate the body’s hormone levels.

Magnesium: A mineral the body needs to regulate blood pressure and maintain bone and heart health, magnesium may also help fight inflammation and prevent osteoperosis.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

Amberen Quality of Ingredients

Amberen does contain a lot of good ingredients like glycine, vitamin E, zinc and magnesium. But, it also contains MSG, and didn’t really provide a great explanation as to why this ingredient is used in the first place.

The key ingredient, succinate is the only item on the list that specifically targets menopause, but there’s not enough evidence regarding how effectively it treats hot flashes, nor whether there are any side effects.

Based on the information above, we’re not are this product is all that effective in treating menopause, and can imagine many consumers being upset that this product contains MSG.

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The Price and Quality of Amberen

Amberen is sold in a variety of major retailers such as Walmart, CVS, Amazon, Rite Aid, and even Bed Bath and Beyond. The makers of this product also sell directly to consumers, both online and over the phone.

Amberen is sold is varying packages on the official webpage. A single box regularly retails for $49.99 and lasts for a month, though it’s currently being offered at $39.99. Shoppers can save more if they enroll in a subscription service, or stock up and order a 180-day supply.

Amazon currently offers the product for less–$22.92 for the same one-month supply, plus free shipping for Prime members.

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Business of Amberen

Amberen is made by a company known as Lunada Biomedical. Here is their contact information is listed below:

Phone: 800-993-6339

Address: PO Box 452750
Los Angeles, CA 90045

The Amberen website looks clean, and is easy to navigate. They don’t make online ordering all that obvious, but the site lays out how the product works, what symptoms it addresses and more.

What makes this product unique, is the site offers a “Nurse’s Aid” which is a resource for consumers to use if they aren’t seeing the results advertised on the website. The site also recommends giving the product 90 days to start working, which offers a realistic promise, but at the same time, could deter customers from purchasing in favor of a solution with faster-acting capabilities.

While the Amberen looks nice and by all accounts, appears to be advertising responsibly, it’s worth noting that in 2020, the Federal Trade Commission sued Lunada Biomedical over false claims that Amberen could help users lose weight, despite the fact that this product does not contain any ingredients known to yield those results.

Additionally, Lunada has a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau due to the government action taken against this company in Many of 2020, as well as 4 registered complaints citing issues with the product, as well as receiving unwanted mailings from the company.

Based on the above information, we’re not sure if Amberen can deliver on its promises. 90 days is a long time to wait for a supplement to start working, and it could be a way to sell additional product before consumers grow impatient.

Customer Opinions of Amberen

Past user experiences reflect that consumers were divided on whether or not Amberen could produce the desired results. Here’s a look at what previous users had to say after using this product:

“I used this for about a month before stopping use. My eating habits changed for the worse, and I gained a lot of weight. Did some research and found this product contains MSG, which can have this effect.”

“Amberen failed to live up to the hype, and this was a waste of money. I bought three bottles and they wouldn’t even let me return the unused product, as they only have a 30-day guarantee”

“This is disappointing. After trying Estoven to no avail, I was hoping there would be another alternative to taking hormones. This did nothing at all to relieve hot flashes—no change in intensity, nothing.”

“Be very careful if you have issues with MSG. I had no idea it was in this product, and was wondering why I had been so itchy lately. Not sure why they even include this ingredient, it’s not good for you!”

Amberen did have some positive reviews, but more than half the users who tried this product mentioned that it was not effective, or that they had some adverse effect. It’s strange that this company would add MSG to a supplement given all we’ve been told about avoiding this ingredient all together.

Additionally, it seems the makers of Amberen don’t offer much in the way of a generous return policy. The language on the site asks users to give this product a chance for 90 days, but only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which suggests they may not expect this to work consistently.

Based on this information, we likely wouldn’t recommend users try Amberen, as most users did not rate their experience as a positive one.

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Conclusion – Does Amberen Work?

After looking at the contents of Amberen as compared with the reviews we found for this product, it’s clear to us that this is far from the best solution available for women suffering from menopause.

This product contains MSG, which many people have allergies or sensitivities to. Plus, it’s not really something people generally take as a supplement—it’s known to cause headaches, sleepiness and other unwanted effects. While MSG is a widely debated flavor enhancer, we simply don’t get why it would be present in a supplement.

Lunada Biomedical itself had some problems. The BBB didn’t exactly give them a bad rating (a B- isn’t great), but the reasons they dinged the company were due to the false claims that this product could cause weight loss—which strangely one of the reviewers claimed that the product made them gain weight, and some negative customer service experiences. Lunada had sent customers unwanted literature about menopause, advertising Amberen, which customers didn’t appreciate.

Amberen is found in a number of stores, both online and in person, which does gives consumers some level of confidence, but it seems that the negatives outweigh the positives—it doesn’t seem to work consistently, the claims might not be entirely accurate, and it’s expensive.

According to our experts, Femmetrinol best delivers benefits menopausal users are looking for—reduction of frequency and severity of hot flashes, improvements in mood and energy and more. Ingredients like black cohosh, wild yam extract and damiana bring great benefits, without the risks that come along with taking hormones.

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27 Responses to Amberen Review

  1. Vikki S Davis says:

    This product is awful has side effects that cost me alot of money…two weeks wages and 3 Dr trips I broke out in a rash so bad my skin was raw…I have pictures to show u but no way to send them ..pissed off in Illinois

    • Karen says:

      Can u send the pictures via email? I’ve been on Amberen for a while but have broken out in a rash on my face only, is it Amberen?

    • Citlaly says:

      great reviews !!! thank you , for saving us time and money and probably our health

    • Irene says:

      Same thing has happened to me after eight days of using this product. The rash started on my right arm then my neck and chest and finally my entire left arm. It was almost unbearable the itch and burn. Be careful with this product however, I did notice my night sweats stopped but at the cost of my skin. It’s a no for me

  2. Pam says:

    I ordered Amberen and started taking it 3 weeks ago. It was horrible! My hot flashes got to such intensity that I couldn’t function. I even went to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack. I don’t recommend this to anyone!

  3. Elena says:

    No side effects is a lie. The product box should disclose it contains MSG. My blood pressure rose and my eyes were tearing up. Morning headaches are the last straw. Stopping use and returning product.

  4. Amy M says:

    I had been taking this product for about two weeks when I started having horrible mood swings that were out of character for me. I even got reprimanded at work! I was crying uncontrollably and I couldn’t understand why. I stopped taking the Amberen and within 24 hours I was feeling much better and I haven’t had an issue since. The medicine really didn’t help my hot flashes either.

    • Michele says:

      I have been on this and I’m crying all the time and my mood swings are so bad and that’s not me. I’m also having a hard time staying focused like real bad brain fog of which I didn’t have before taking this stuff. I’d rather have the hot flashes.

  5. Althea Leonard says:

    I have used it also my hot flashes are worse not good

  6. Anonymous says:

    I only used this product for six days and began having severe headaches and back/hip pain. I am a runner and was unable to run because of lower back pain. Once I stopped taking it, I was able to run pain free again.

    • Lizy says:

      Continue take it work for me and I have a good sex and no pain no hot flashes life is better friends ask me if I have batteries because I keep going

  7. SGH says:

    I’ve been using Amberen now for 2 months. Haven’t noticed any difference in hot flashes except more prevalent, no change in weight, and I noticed my hair has changed texture. My hair has always been healthy, but is it’s very dry, brittle and breaking off. I only thing I can say I changed was I started taking Amberen. No longer taking

  8. DGG says:

    I wanted to give Amberen a try. I’m on my 4 box being into my 4th month of taking this product. I have an analysis based solely on my personal experience. I haven’t noticed any decrease in anything. But an increase in weight gain. I worked very hard in getting my weight down over the past year and a half and I feel I’ve gone backwards. I’m stopping this product immediately and getting back on track with my weight loss. My regret is purchasing this product in hopes it would work. For me it was money throwed away. And this product in not cheap!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have been on this product for 2 months now. I have significant weight gain. From 136 to 144 in a two month period. Still have bad hot flashes have discontinued use of this product.

  10. sally Baker says:

    Why should you spend $120 for a 3 month supply to get results?If no results you have just had 3 more months of hot flushes and wasted $120!

  11. MG says:

    Everybody is different and what doesn’t work for one may work for another. I for one have had a great experience with Amberen. I was having an extremely difficult time emotionally and my mood swings were horrible. I almost want to say that Amberen may have saved my life. My emotions are back in order and I am able to face life on a normal level. I am experiencing more energy and I have even had an easier time losing weight. I would recommend not making a decision based on the reviews as I almost did and give it a try for yourself. Amberen has brought a positive change to my life and I am so thankful. Best of wishes to all!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I just started taking it. So far so good. My weight is going down. My moods swings have went away. And I can focus better. I’m doing better then I was.

  13. Ronda Beeler says:

    Only 2 weeks after starting this product I put on several pounds. And I started my period which I had not had one in 6 months. I slept better, but felt bloated all of the time. It is not worth the high price and nasty side effects just to sleep better

    • Shelia says:

      Same thing happened to me,haven’t had a period in years. I will not take again and will tell others to avoid this product. Thanks for telling everyone.

  14. Tina says:

    I have been taking this medicine for a week-since taking it I have sever body aches-headaches-lower back pain-sick to my stomach. Since reading this I am officially stopping it today! Taking this stuff was the only thing I could think of that may have called it. I stopped at Walgreens and picked it up with my husband January 13th 2018!111

  15. Faye says:

    My daughter tried this and gained a lot of weight if you’re using this product to lose weight you have made a big mistake!!!!! It makes me so mad they use in state this product for weight control their lying !!!!

  16. Jacqueline says:

    This Is My 7th Day Taking Amberen and it’s been good so far but my decision to stop taking it is because under the ingredients this product also contains titanium dioxide a product used in paint and can cause brain damage as I read up on it and it alsohass silicon dioxide and carmine these ingredients are health hazardous

  17. Joyce says:

    I’ve been taking Amberen for 2 weeks now and for the last couple of night I’ve been getting really bad cramps in my calves which wakes me up. Also my blood pressure has been higher than normal and I take medicine to control that. I’m not sure if Amberen is right for me so I’m stopping it today.

  18. Renee Dillon says:

    How can this product say “no side effects” when MSG clearly has side effects. From the Amberen website: Monosodium L-Glutamate (MSG): Better known as MSG, this amino acid functions as a neurotransmitter and, according to the Amberen website, is used to stabilize energy levels.

    • Side effects may include headaches, flushing, allergic reaction, sweating, rapid heartbeat, nausea, numbness or tingling, weakness, chest pain and allergic reaction.

    My heart is racing like a rabbit being chased by a fox. Also, constantly hungry. It must have some form of caffeine in it somewhere which I am extremely sensitive to any stimulant. Waste of money for sure since it just won’t work for me.

  19. Crystal Keeling says:

    I am into my 3rd box of amberen, and the only thing I have noticed since taking is my breast are tender, has anyone else had this side effect?

  20. Bella says:

    Bad side effects for me. Stopping immediately

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