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Bootea Shake is a meal replacement shake that is low in calories, carbohydrates, and which has no added sugar. It contains 115 calories per serving and the protein source added is said to be hormone and antibiotic free.

Very few ingredients are used and they offer it in either chocolate, vanilla or banana flavor. They add how the protein within this can help aid muscle and bone health. After taking time to analyze countless meal replacement shakes, the one which was top rated was 18Shake. It offers a unique blend of wholesome ingredients which can suppress appetite, provide rich nutrients, and support weight loss. Users have left their own supportive opinions on the official website via testimonials. To learn about 18Shake from the official website simply click on this link.


The following are the ingredients added to their Bootea Shake vanilla flavor:

Whey Protein Concentrate Green Tea Extract Natural Flavouring Xanthan Gum Stevia

Whey Protein Concentrate: This byproduct of the cheese making process is often used by bodybuilders and athletes since it is a rich amino acid source and it can also help support lean muscle mass gains. This has around 29% to 89% protein by weight depending on the manufacturer.

It’s typically better to mix whey isolate with concentrate since isolate has a higher amount of protein at 90% and above per serving.

Green Tea Extract: Antioxidant rich and lightly caffeinated form of tea that is often used for its ability to help support the immune system. It also has been frequently used as a metabolism booster and fat burner. This is due to its natural source of caffeine. It’s unknown what the total caffeine content is of this shake however. It is unlikely to be much if added in standard amounts, as cups worth of green tea is much less than a standard cup of coffee.

Natural Flavouring: Typically this is added to give a consistent flavor to foods and it is taken from sources such as natural foods. It is unlikely to cause any side effects unless of course it comes from a common allergen which some may be allergic to. It’s unknown where they source their natural flavouring from however, as it is not revealed by the company.

Xanthan Gum: Very commonly added thicken which is a kind of bacteria that can help improve bowel movements. It is likely to be safe when used in controlled amounts.

Stevia: A plant based sweetener that is used to substitute other sweeteners which may be harmful such as standard table sugar. This sweetener has an advantage as a wholesome way to sweeten foods without causing metabolic disorders or tooth decay. It also does not affect blood sugar in a potentially harsh way similar to other sweeteners.

Much less of this is needed as it is around 50 times the same sweeteners of standard sugar.

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In examining Bootea Shake nutrition facts it reveals that they added whey protein concentrate which is good, but it would have been an even better protein source had they mixed it with whey isolate. The added thickener and flavoring have no nutritional value and instead are for general taste and mixing.

Finally this leaves the sweetener stevia which is a healthy sweetener but has no nutritional value. So the only real things used to help aid the body is green tea extract, a common and cheap additive that can be found elsewhere for cheap, and whey protein which also can be sourced elsewhere for a reduced price.

Due to these lacking ingredients the nutrient profile is not even mentioned. Instead they mention there is just 1 gram of fiber, 1 gram of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fats, and 115 calories per serving. No mention of any vitamins and minerals are found anywhere, which means this cannot pass as a functional meal replacement shake.

Meal replacements have to have a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to help replace meals, otherwise one might have to take additional supplements to make up for the lack of nutrients. This is highly important as a healthy body cannot thrive only with macronutrients, there has to be vitamins and minerals to give the body what it needs to stay healthy.

It is good they decided to make it natural and it does contain a high amount of protein, but it’s severely lacking.

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When purchased direct a 30 serving bottle sells for $33.99. This is somewhat expensive when you consider that the only active ingredients which can help with weight loss as whey protein concentrate and green tea extract. Both are known as cheaply priced ingredients which can be sourced elsewhere for a reduced price.

Because of the lacking nutrients one may have to spend additional amounts to give on the body what it requires. Furthermore, several other brands offer the same basic ingredients but with much more added to it to provide nourishment.

Bootea Shake Holland and Barrett offers sales as well for what appears to be a cheaper price, but it appears they no longer sell it.

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Their official company name is Eighty Twenty Ventures LTD and they can be found via the following:

Address: Abney Hall, Manchester Road, Cheadle, Cheshire


Their official website offers a contact form page and address but no other details.

 They only offer returns which are not used or tampered with and one must return it to the manufacturers.

The company was seen to violate regulation in the EU for making clams that their products could allow you to lose weight, among other additional unproven claims. There has also been criticism by some journalists that the company’s products do not help with weight loss.

Other than these issues, there isn’t much known about how the company operates.

The company offers their Bootea Bundle which includes a few different brands mixed together as well which are offered at a reduced cost then when purchased individually. However, this combination includes some not well-regarded options.

Bootea banana shake and Bootea shake vanilla are also lacking reviews on their individual flavor profile, so it’s unknown which consumers think is best.

They also offer a shaker known as Bootea shaker which is similar to other containers which can be used to make a portable shake.

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Here are some select reviews found online:

“Really overpriced”

“After about 2 days it ended up making me sick and I had severe stomach pains that made me quit”

“No weight loss changes and I had to stop using it”

There weren’t many reviews about the shake since many left more reviews about their teas instead. However from the few reviews available, it is a widely held consensus that the shake was not good, and that the Bootea Shake side effects were excessive. People also felt it was greatly overpriced for the formula provided.

When you type in Bootea Shake Amazon you notice that the reviews are fairly limited to just one person who said it can be found cheaper elsewhere, so it’s really hard to determine what the consensus might be on this.

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How Does Bootea Shake Compare?
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  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Bootea Shake
  • 41 /100

Bootea Shake is difficult to review due to the limited ingredients that while healthy, are not enough to satisfy as a full meal replacement shake. When examining Bootea Shake side effects it’s also clear some users had issues. It caused some to experience stomach related side effects including indigestion. This is too pricy when you consider only 2 ingredients within it can help with weight loss, and the fact there are no listed vitamins and minerals.

Our review experts have determined that 18Shake was the most beneficial for helping support weight loss progress. This is because of its low calories and use of natural ingredients including a rich source of wholesome protein. Users have commented on how it was able to help them suppress their appetite for hours with just one serving.

This meal replacement has a nutritious profile and user testimonials showcase how it’s easy to mix, tasty, satisfying, and can promote weight loss results. It is also made in a trusted GMP certified facility which is FDA monitored and tested for quality. Click here to gain access to the number 1 rated meal replacement shake, 18Shake.

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