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Soylent is a meal replacement shake intended to provide a full meal that is made to support a healthy lifestyle. Each bottle of the ready to drink Soylent has 20% of one’s daily nutritional needs, and they offer it in original, cacao, and nectar flavor.

The company offers the total nutrient profile and adds that there are 25 micronutrients and a proper amount of daily serving of calories, fats, sodium, and fiber. They even say that it is lactose, nut, and animal free. After breaking down several meals replacement shakes our review experts noted which the best was. 18Shake was hands down the best meal replacement due to its rich protein and ability to suppress appetite for hours. Many users were able to lose weight and glowing testimonials are offered on their official website. Read up on the benefits 18Shake can provide by simply clicking on this link.


The following are some of the key active ingredients within Soylent:

Soy Protein Isolate Maltodextrin High Oleic Sunflower Oil Isomaltose Canola Oil
Rice Starch Soy Lecithin Biotin Oat Fiber Isomaltooligosaccharide
Artificial Flavors Potassium Iodide Dipotassium Phosphate Gellan Gum Vitamin B12

Soy Protein Isolate: An often GMO produced soy extract which has a minimum of 90% protein by weight. This is easy to digest and is touted as an amino acid rich protein source. Some studies have shown it can help reduce cholesterol and improve heart health.

Live has reviewed soy and found that it can provide estrogen according to a study:

“blood estrogen levels slightly higher than men consuming milk protein”

This may not be wanted in some as hormone changes can be potentially harmful. The makers of Soylent also say that their product is not GMO free, so their added soy is likely from a GMO source.

Our review experts have compiled on the very best meal replacement shakes which where top ranked for their ability to support weight loss via the link here.


Maltodextrin: An artificial sugar and common food additive which is used to give food a mild taste. It is often taken from sources such as corn and what.

High Oleic Sunflower Oil: Taken from the sunflower plant, this is rich in monounsaturated fats. This is stable without the need for hydrogenation, and it is often added to processed foods.

Isomaltose: A glucose sugar which is often used in processed foods.

Isomaltooligosaccharide: Easy to digest carbohydrate which his known to be digestive resistant. This means it can potentially support the growth of healthy gut bacteria. This is also sued as a sweetener.

Artificial Flavors: This additive is often added to processed foods as a sway to provide a stable flavor to food which does not degrade. This can be taken form many different sources and it is manipulated to be made sustainable.

Gellan Gum: Commonly used thickener that is used to help emulsify and stabilize surrounding ingredients.

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The formula relies on many added vitamins and minerals, some gelling agents a bit of sugar, fats, and a protein source which is all soy based.

Their ready to drink formula comes in at 400 calories per 414 ml bottle, which is a significant amount of calories. Some weight loss shakes have only around 100 calories and they offer hours of appetite suppression.

Furthermore there is a total of 9 grams of sugar which is also high, as other brands have only 1 gram per serving.

While the 20 grams of protein is high, it is all soy based which for some people may not be suitable. Soy is known to be one of the most GMO produced crops, and in some it can lead to an increase of estrogen hormones.

The fiber is decent at 3 grams of serving but it would had been better had it had a bit more. Meanwhile the vitamin and mineral profile is rich.

Overall it’s a decent formula but for those looking to lose weight it may not be the best solution, the calories and sugar is far too high. Click this link to see the top 10 meal replacement shakes which customers and our review experts have rated highly.


You can buy both Soylent Powder and a ready to drink version. Their ready to drink is offered at 14 ounces per bottle with 12 bottles sold for $34. This breaks down to $2.83 per bottle.

A Soylent trial or reoccurring month to month plan is offered for a slightly reduced cost as well.

Determining if Soylent good for you is difficult since it does have many important vitamins and minerals, but they also rely on many unnecessary additives, a high amount of calories, and high sugar.


The owners are called Rosa Foods Inc., and their listed contact details are:

Address: 207 S Broadway Suite 600

Los Angeles, California 90012

Phone Number: (404) 683-1142

Email:  [email protected]

They currently have a total of 18 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page. The majority was related to deliver problems, and some had to do with complications with either the service or product itself.

People had to at time call the company to see where their deliver was, only to learn it was shipped to the incorrect address. Some also said that their automatic subscription was reactivated even though they were sure to cancel it.

The company has also had a history of issues. 3 different recalls were had due to contaminations and an increase of people experiencing gastrointestinal side effects. A study on the product saw that the company had elevated levels of lead and cadmium, which can be toxic over time. Because of this concern they now feature the California Proposition 65 warning, which states that the product may have a risk for genetic or birth defects.

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Here are some found Soylent reviews found online:

“this had no taste and I feel like it only had an aftertaste”

“Loved it initially but after time I stared heading bad headaches from it. After I stopped the headaches went away”

“I swear the aftertaste is like eating a candle it’s so bad”

“Liked it because it was filling but it left me with a phlegm taste and feeling in my throat”

People were often disappointed and felt that the Soylent diet was difficult to sustain over time. The main issues were that of flavoring and aftertaste. Consistency users said that it either had a strong artificial taste or that for some reason it would leave an aftertaste which was much different than the original flavor profile.

Users often added that initially the Soylent taste was not pleasant. If you type in Soylent Amazon there is a total of 1,864 reviews currently for their ready to drink bottles, and 534 had very negative experiences. It’s unknown why but some also had side effects after they started using it over time, and which stopped as soon as they ceased to drink it anymore.

Learn about what you can start using now as a healthy meal replacement shake for weight loss; the top 10 brands are listed.

How Does Soylent Compare?
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  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Good Taste
  • Soylent
  • 39 /100

Soylent is described as a ultimate source of nutrition and while it does have many important nutrients, it may not be what people are looking for if weight loss is the goal. The calories are simply much too high and not all the ingredients are the most wholesome. It also has a high amount of sugar and worse yet, many said that they found this to be impossible to drink. Many added that the taste made it difficult to swallow, and that they could not see sustaining themselves off of this drink.

Our review experts look at all aspects of a meal replacement shake to help determine if it’s worth your money. After breaking down many brands and understanding what they could offer, they were able to see which the best were truly. The number 1 for weight loss was 18Shake.

This meal replacement shake has only natural ingredients low calories, high fiber, low sugar, appetite suppressing ingredients, and many customers noted how they were able to sustain noticeable weight loss changes. The company also is reputable and they make it in a GMP certified facility to ensure that the quality is consistent.

Follow this link provided to get 18Shake with a discount and to read more about its use via testimonials from users.

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