Diet Shakes

Quest Protein Review

What is it? Quest Protein is a protein rich powder that is offered in multiple flavors and sizes.  It provides a low calorie to high protein ratio, and they advise it for post-workout recovery. They also add that this is … Continue reading

Tsogo Review

 What is it? Tsogo is a meal replacement shake made in 3 flavors with plant based ingredients. It can be mixed with water and taken any time of the day. The intended benefit is a healthy balance of complex carbohydrates, … Continue reading

Body by Vi-Shakes Review

 What is it? Body by Vi-Shake is a meal replacement shake made with a Tri-Sorb protein formula that includes soy and 2 forms of whey protein. It’s claimed to be a low fat, low sugar, low calorie, and low carbohydrate brand … Continue reading

IsaLean Review

 What is it? IsaLean is a weight loss meal replacement shake that contains 240 calories and 24 grams of protein. They also have 23 vitamins and minerals and have high amounts of fiber for improving digestion and suppressing appetite. 3 … Continue reading

Total Living Drink Greens Review

 What is it? Total Living Drink Greens is a superfood drink used to provide a daily supplementation of nutrients. It’s made up of whole foods and is said to be a “nine in one” nutritious formula. It has added minerals, … Continue reading

Organic Juice Cleanse Review

What is it? Organic Juice Cleanse is a powdered formula said to cleanse, slim down, and rejuvenate the body. It’s made up of an assortment of green vegetables, fruits, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. The intendedbenefits includeincreased energy, improved liver and … Continue reading

Sunwarrior Protein Review

 What is it? Sunwarrior Protein is a shake made with plant based protein for improved overall health and fitness. Their protein based shake formula is offered in natural, chocolate, and vanilla flavor. Each shake has a total of 19 grams of … Continue reading